IT/B2B sales consultancy that works

Our focus: IT products with B2B customers
Our team: XP 10y+ top performers and VP/C-level management from Google, Yandex, Momondo, Snapchat, Booking, Aviasales, Johnson&Johnson
Our job: we are building, organizing, and scaling the best sales departments in the field 


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SLSBMB folks stunned me. It seems like B2B-sales never been so impressive! It's like magic and art combined.
As a technical CEO, I lack sales expertise, and the guys from SLSBMB filled that gap for me. I've been impressed by how they improved hiring and training processes in our inside sales team and helped to motivate and educate the team and team leaders.
We worked with different consulting agencies which charged big sums for telling obvious things like 'you need to increase conversion rate'. SLSBMB made a huge difference because they gave us a structured and detailed view on how exactly our processes must be improved. Moreover, they participated in all stages of restructuring, and actually helped to implement the new system that they've built. As an outcome we have the whole new sales team with transparent processes and forecasted results. This was an outstanding experience positively affected our opinion about consulting services. This investment gave us unbelievable return.
SLSBMB indeed are mega professionals, and B2B sales world is the air they breathe. Watching their work is like watching Phelps swimming, or Jordan playing basketball. What's surprising is the surreal depth of the sales process they dive, details that I would never think about was very important for them, and how surprisingly much they reflected in sales metrics! This is insane, if SLSBMB were a girl, I would marry her!

Our locations:

London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Ankara


SLSBMB limited, 2018