We are global experts in Business Development for IT companies 

We hire the smartest salespeople 

We reshape processes in respect to best practices 

We validate demand for the product on markets of interest

Founders have many things to take care of. We can fix bizdev so that they can focus on the things that matter.

The product is made to be sold. Tell us more about yours, and let's sell it!

Our services

Sales HR
The hiring of the smartest salespeople sounds easy: be attractive and detect them in a crowd. Quite a simple plan, except you need to know how to do it right. We have enough experience to get it done without mistakes.

2000+ salespeople hired by us with 98,9% success rate

Dozens of factors affect prospecting results. We know all of them and ready to share the experience. We can't change your product, but we can shape your prospecting standards to match the above-market level, and that's the simplest way to increase vital metrics.

200+ bizdev departments reworked by us; Our average goal: +300% for main sales metrics

Sales actions
Our smart sales team is always ready to sell your technologies. All our salespeople are guys with outstanding career results and avg 10 years in IT/B2B. If we can't sell the IT product - no one can.

70000+ leads reached so far, avg response rate 37%, up to 10 contracts a salesrep a month

SALESBOMB stunned me. It seems like b2b-sales never been so impressive. It's like magic and art combined. 
As a technical CEO, I lack sales expertise, and the guys from SalesBomb filled that gap for me. I've been impressed by how they improved hiring and training processes in our inside sales team and helped to motivate and educate the team and team leaders. 
We worked with different consulting agencies which charged big sums for telling obvious things like 'you need to increase conversion rate'. Salesbomb made a difference because they gave us structured and detailed view on how the processes should be improved. Moreover, they participated in all stages of restructuring and actually helped to implement the new system. As an outcome we have the whole new sales team with transparent processes and forecasted results. This was an outstanding experience changing our opinion about consulting service.

Who buys our services


When the IT company does not cope with the projected B2B growth and can't solve the case on the timeline, their VC's hire us to benchmark the contracting mechanism finding out what's the problem and fixing it


B2B leaders with a fantastic track record are both too expensive and hard to convince to join a startup, despite how hard is to find them. We can build a high-standard bizdev structure, fulfill it with smart people, and help to find and chose the right leader to manage the further growth


We talk about your product and find out services you need


Easiest paperwork in your life and payment


We deliver what promised


You enjoy the raised numbers and recommend us to your business friends

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